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About Fuji Elevators

FUJI Elevator is a world famous Brand from Japan, we have a long time experience as a professional lift manufacturers in Japan and China. Focusing on elevator quality, R & D, lift manufacturing, lift sales, lift installation and maintenance services. Customer satisfaction as the evaluation criteria for product and service work, aimed to give high quality and diversified elevation products for the world.

We have an elevator test tower of  89 meters high and capacity of the elevator running speed at 7m/s. Fuji Lifts Products include high-speed passenger lift, freight lift, observation lift, villa elevators, residential lifts, hospital lift, escalator, moving walk, hydraulic lift, machine roomless freight lift. At present, FUJI lifts have covered more than 20 countries in the world. At the same time, Fuji has obtained CE and TUV certification, and has reached the advanced level both at home and abroad. Fuji has the advantage of energy saving technology and so on. 

FUJI is being developing in the production, which are energy saving, pollution free, low noise, long service life and green environmental friendly. Fuji apply the technology of IT environment energy to the lifts, escalator, building comprehensive management service and so on. We are highly committed to our customers for using most advanced technology for urban development service. 

See our Authorization to CBECL GROUP